ViruGuard Dual-Action Disinfectant with I-See-Clean Technology

Date: 06 April 2021

To: Members of the US Armed Forces / US Department of Defense / Federal Government Agencies

From: ViruGuard Germ Elimination Solutions (VGES)

Point of Contact: Spiro Demetriadi | Cell: 949-254-2324 | Email:

Subject: Maintaining Force Readiness by Preventing Infectious Diseases from Spreading, Including COVID-19, MRSA, Staph and many other infectious diseases now and to the unknown future.

Note: If this information does not fall under your responsibility, would you please forward to the appropriate parties?  

A new revolutionary new EPA Certified infection killing disinfectant and anti-microbial that works with UV light. This product will replace whatever product your organization is already using because it is far better and more effective than anything that exists today.


ViruGuard (powered by Monofoil-D) is the only non-caustic, non-leeching, Disinfectant on EPA “N-List” that has both a disinfectant and an Antimicrobial (Si-Quat) protective barrier, in the same bottle, that protects against harmful microbes long after it dries, where other disinfectants stop working when they dry, leaving surfaces exposed to reinfection immediately after application.

Product does not contain bleach and has the lowest toxicity rating available from the EPA. It is safe on pets, people, equipment and all surfaces including: office buildings, naval ships, all vehicles, training facilities, weapon systems, bathrooms and more.

ViruGuard is the one product that can replace two different products that are already being widely used. Think about the product and labor applying cost savings you get from not having to buy two different products to what one bottle of ViruGuard can do.

“I-SEE-CLEAN” Technology. The only product that has a patent pending technology that has a tracer in it that glows (in daylight too), by using any UV light. It gives you visible assurance that the product is in its infection/COVID killing status of any Antimicrobial Barrier on surfaces. With I-See-Clean technology, you can make sure you do not miss any surfaces or waste time and money reapplying a surface that is already covered. “Seeing is Believing”.

__How ViruGuard (powered by MonoFoil-D) Works (click link below):

__EPA Registration Number on the “N-List”: 90856-4-88653 (click link below):,P8_RINUM:517060,90856-4

__EYE-SEE-CLEAN Technology in action (click link below):

__SI-QUAT ANTIMICROBIAL explained (click link below):

__EPA Master Label 1 – newer version (click link below):

__EPA Master Label 2 – original version (click link below):

Quantities: Product is sold in gallons, 55 gallon drums or Totes (6,000 gallons).

T&Es are available.

Thank you and very respectfully,

Spiro Demetriadi
Cell: 949-254-2324