For over 25 years, Triadi has been increasing the Situational Awareness, Survivability and Operational Capabilities (SASOC) for thousands of MIL/LE personnel who have served on the front lines on the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), crime and emergency response with emphasis in the Special Operations Community.

Just like the Special Operations units we serve, our capabilities are similar in business: specialized, precision focused and results oriented.


• US Army Infantry, Honorable Discharge
• Gracie Academy (World HQ, Torrance, CA)- Military/Law Enforcement Advisor and Combatives Director Emeritus (Retired)
• Morovision Night Vision, Inc.- Former Director of Sales/Marketing/Tactical Training
• Attack Countermeasure Training Certification (ACT Cert) Co-founder and former partner
• Basic to advanced carbine, handgun and combatives training
• Over 25 years of business and training experience to include government contracting, foreign military sales, manufacturing, event planning, marketing, branding, research and product development, product launches and sales, with primary focus on Law Enforcement/Military Special Operations

NOTE: Testimonials and references from Law Enforcement Officers and Military personnel are available.