Triadi, Inc.

For 20 years, the Triadi Team has provided unique tactical training and products that has positively affected thousands of Law Enforcement and Military personnel, with particular emphasis on the Special Operations Community.


Situational Awareness, Survivability, Operational Capabilities

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Products and Services

Triadi only offers unique products, equipment, and services that increase the Situational Awareness, Survivability and Operational Capabilities (SASOC) for MIL/LE personnel who serve on the front lines.


For over 25 years, the Triadi Team has offered unique, reality-based combatives and tactical training, high-end night vision/thermal optics and other tactical-related products and equipment to hundreds of government agencies.


The Triadi Team has faithfully served and helped thousands of MIL/LE personnel and along the way has developed friendships that go beyond tactical matters.


Contact Triadi for product and training information, a demo, testing and evaluation (T&E), customized solutions or price quote.