The Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) is a tactical training course offered by Triadi’s training partner, a US Department of Defense contractor and security company that provides world-class training, specialized equipment, and protective and advisory services to US and allied government organizations.

The Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) was originally created after the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks and focused on Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) for deployed troops in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then, the training course has grown within the US Law Enforcement Community.

NVOC imageThe Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) gives Law Enforcement Officers the foundational knowledge needed to work safely and effectively using night vision goggles, lasers and white light during no light/low light operations.

Military and Law Enforcement operations are regularly conducted in dark conditions and often not by choice. Statistically, most crimes, and the vast majority of Law Enforcement involved shootings occur in low light conditions. Only a small percentage of Law Enforcement tactical training however effectively covers night operations.

Law Enforcement Departments that have procured night vision gear are often under-utilizing these “potentially” powerful tools. At the same time, they may even be increasing the risk of their officers by not educating them enough to fully understand the capabilities and limitations in using night vision.

The 3-Day Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) includes classroom presentation, live fire drills, and non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) drills, exercises and scenario-based training. In general, this is a formalized course of instruction that is designed to be a foundation for armed professionals that use night vision. It’s not specific to any kind of mission and it’s designed to develop individual skills that apply across the board. It will bring up to speed LEOs who have had no training in low light/no light tactical operations and at the same time compliment experienced operators who already have training “under the goggle”. Ideally, the formalized Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) learned in this course should be brought back and taught to your department- i.e. force multiplier.

“Advanced techniques are the basics mastered.”- Spiro Demetriadi, Triadi, Inc. founder

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Training Dates
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“I had a good time at the Night Vision Operator Course and learned techniques to bring back to my unit.” – US Secret Service- Special Operations Training Section (SOTS)

“Very good training. Definitely will take what we learned and apply it to our continued training and expand on it. Instructors were all clearly experienced and knowledgeable. Our team definitely needed this training!” – Washington, DC Area SWAT Operator

“We, as a training staff have put your training to good use. It has been the most practical and replicated training any of us have been to in a long time. Great class!” – US Federal Agency Security/ Response Team Instructor

“Great course. Should be mandatory for anyone running NVDs. Instructors were knowledgeable and humble.” – Los Angeles Area SWAT Operator

“I recommend the night vision operator course to my fellow operators.” – North Eastern Area- FBI SWAT

“I have been assigned to a full-time SWAT Team for last 11 years and have been fortunate enough to attend numerous well-respected courses. The Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) was one of the absolute best curriculums I have ever experienced. Now I can go back to my team and show them how to exploit the true benefits of this tool that we absolutely misunderstood before this training. Take this course and have your eyes opened.” – Tennessee based SWAT Team LEO

NOTE: If you want to communicate directly to past participants please contact us and we will arrange it.

About Telluric Group and Instructors
Telluric Group is a US Department of Defense contractor and security company that provides world-class training, specialized equipment, and protective and advisory services to US and allied government organizations. The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and has a training facility in Brunswick, Georgia and a field office in Kampala, Uganda. In a case-by-case basis, they also have a Mobile Training Team (MTT) that conducts training around the world.

Telluric training is conducted by the most experienced night vision tactical training instructors in the world. Their real world experience from the MIL/LE Special Operations community spans more than thirty years and includes recent operations using the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP). They have trained thousands of Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Officers on the use of night vision goggles, lasers and white light in low light/no light operations, with outstanding results.

“In a crisis situation, you do not rise to the occasion. Instead, you sink to your level of training.”

Basic Night Vision Tactics and Techniques:

CaptureCourse topics include:

  • Physiology and psychology of night operations
  • Use of lighting conditions for tactical advantage
  • Night Vision Goggle basic operation and maintenance
  • Night Vision Goggle capabilities and limitations
  • Individual movement and hand-eye coordination
  • Pistol and rifle familiarization and qualification
    • Zeroing IR lasers
    • Shooting from cover
    • Moving and shooting
  • Driving considerations
  • Subject restraint and control
  • Countering suspects’ use of white light
  • Countering suspects’ use of Night Vision Devices (NVD)
  • Mission planning considerations

“The game is that the adversary defeats the strategy that you currently implement. You always have to stay ahead of the game. You are always going to have to bend into leaning forward into another area to do that.” – Deputy Chief Michael Downing- Commanding Officer, Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau – Los Angeles Police Department

Equipment & Ammunition
Equipment to bring with you*:
· Night vision goggle (monocular or binocular) with helmet mount
· Duty/ tactical gear (with ability to carry at least 3 spare rifle mags and 2 spare pistol mags)
· Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)- Eye and double ear protection; hat or helmet; body armor is optional but recommended.
· Pistol with tritium sights (we have a temporary workaround if you need it)
· Rifle/ carbine with optical sight and laser, sling, and at least 4 magazines

* Contact us if you need to borrow night vision goggles, lasers or helmet mounts to take this course. Supplies are limited.

Approximately 300 rounds pistol and 300 rounds rifle. Armor piercing or penetrator ammunition is not allowed. A limited amount of ammunition may be available for purchase. Please coordinate with us ahead of time if you need to purchase ammo.

NLTA Gear and Ammo provide by Telluric Group.

UTM non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) and conversion kit for AR-15/ M4 style rifles will be provided.

Who Should Attend
· Special Operations Team members
· Tactical Team Supervisors, Team-Leaders and Commanders
· Trainers and those interested in expanding their team tactics
· Counter-Terrorism unit operators
· Federal Agencies
· State, County, and Local Agencies
· K9 Operators
· LEOs interested in overall increasing their situational awareness, survivability and operational capabilities (SASOC)

Prerequisites: The Night Vision Operator Course (NVOC) is restricted to Law Enforcement and Military personnel and in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), only US Citizens may participate. Documented intermediate to advanced level training with both the carbine and the handgun.

Upon successful completion of course participant will receive a “Certificate of Training for Night Vision Operator Course”

DAY 1 – Classroom Instruction

  • In-Depth coverage on tactical night operations
  • Questions and answers

DAY 2 – Live Fire Range

  • Utilizing lanes exclusively designed for live fire tactical training
  • Moving down lanes while shooting in the dark
  • Lanes will be completely dark and live fire will be conducted using night vision goggles

DAY 3 – Shoot House

  • World-class shoot house facility
  • UTM non-lethal training ammunition will be provided

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“While you are reading this your enemy is training.”