Night Vision/Thermal Systems

Triadi offers customized solutions. At this time it is not Triadi’s plan to load hundreds of products onto its website but that does not mean what you don’t see, we don’t offer. Please contact us for personalized service and a customized quote. If there is something we don’t offer then it is likely that we will refer you to a vetted and reliable partner that will.

pvs-14Night Vision Monocular- NEPVS-14 by Exelis
PVS-31Night Vision- Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD)- AN/PVS-31
PVS-22Weapon Sight- Clip-On Night Vision- AN/PVS-22 UNS (Universal Night Sight)
pvs-14tmThermal Monocular- PVS-14TM (Thermal Monocular)
peq-15Laser- DBAL-A2 (AN/PEQ-15)
Categories of products offered:
• Night Vision Monoculars
• Night Vision Binoculars
• Night Vision Weapon Sights
• Thermal Monoculars
• Thermal Weapon Sights
• Camera Adaptable Night Vision
• Lasers
• Helmet Mounts
• Beacons
• Weapon Mounts

Primary end users for products offered:
• Special Operations Units
• Homeland Security
• Law Enforcement (Federal, County, State, Local)
• Snipers/Weapon sights
• Surveillance (drug enforcement, evidence gathering)
• Security
• Search & Rescue
• Public Safety
• Border Patrol & Security
• Coastal Surveillance

Triadi Services Offered:
• Planning and Training Support: Offer advice on the purchase of night vision and thermal optics and training on its use
• Testing & Evaluation (T&E) and demonstrations of gear
• Sales and Customized Solutions – Contact us for a price quote

Read what the Triadi Team did for the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team- click here:

Please contact us for personalized service and a customized quote.